About the CRK

Short history:

The CRK (Crash Recovery Kit) existed for some time even before its name was chosen. The first floppy set was created based upon RedHat 4.0 to get some basic admin tasks done. My first start with a floppyset was on Jan 19 1997. There was no website or other downloads available. It was just my personal aid floppy set. Somewhere later in that year Fred N. van Kempen suddenly noticed that his in 1994 registered linux.com ( and linux.net) domain names suddenly started to pull some major webhits, by just showing the default webpage of a freshly installed Apache webserver. We stumbled across that together when debugging network congestion problems, and with unbelief gasped at the access-log. By accident he had installed a SuSE linux distro just to checkout what SuSE was about. He had completely forgotten that the linux.com DNS pointed to that SuSE test machine. Fred was suprised to see what was going on, and started to edit the index.html. He then wanted to publish some "downloadable linux content", and asked me for my floppy images, and suggested me to call it the Crash Recovery Kit.

So the first download site for the crk was on http://www.linux.com/ . Lateron Fred sold his linux.com domain name to VA Research some time before their upcoming IPO at Wallstreet. VA Research was renamed to VA Linux and today is known as VA Software. I had a problem on my hands, because i needed to register and design my own web/ftp site for the crk. On 17-Jul-2000 crashrecovery.org was registered.

Today the website has 3 http and ftp mirrors. Lately i started my own company which has its website on http://stockit.nl/ .

R.M. Stockmann - RHCE
crashrecovery.org stock@stokkie.net