2007-05-25 Robert M. Stockmann 
	* Added ClamAV 0.90.2 as new VirusScan engine.
          ClamAV is 100% opensource and free downloadable from :
          http://www.clamav.net/  see also http://www.clamav.net/doc
          Make sure to only run clamdscan by querying throught clamd.
          Running clamscan barebones and standalone is a broken option.

2004-10-29 Robert M. Stockmann 
	* Fixed a bug inside securezip.
	  see http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=7168947
          now changed to :
          but as sadly enough sourceforge.not cannot maintain fixed url's
          see a cached copy from google here.

# diff zipsecure.c.BAK zipsecure.c
<       for( ToCopy=SWAPSHORT(Header->ExtraFieldLength); ToCopy; ToCopy-=i ) {
>       for( ToCopy=SWAPSHORT(Header->ExtraFieldLength); ToCopy && ! feof(fpin); ToCopy-=i
) {

2002-08-21 Robert M. Stockmann 
	* Added a better MIME scanner. Integrated the munpack MIME
	  handler inside scanmails as a decent MIME unpacker. 
	  This means one needs to have mpack installed. mpack can be found
	  from ftp://ftp.andrew.cmu.edu/pub/mpack .
	  This whole issue arised when NAI and Sophos decided to remove
	  MIME support from their commandline scanners like uvscan and sweep.

2000-10-31 Rainer Link 
        * src/scanmails/scanmails.in: lha 1.15 produces some version
          output, which confuses some MTAs - fixed
        * amavis/src/scanmails/scanmails.in (Christian Bricart): 
	  added version of AMaViS to loging output (improves "helpdesk support" :-)) 
	  changed mispelled REC_E_IPIENT to RECIPIENT (quite overdue, doh!)    
        * doc/: amavis.html, amavis.txt: added m4 stuff 
	  updated ChangeLog & credits minor modifications                        
        * src/scanmails/scanmails.in: fixed some bugs with TNEF handling
	  SFX files are not deleted but instead moved to a special
          directory as the SFX file itself could be infected by a virus       
	  entry improved handling of uuencoded files a bit
        * README.scanners: Updated
        * README.sendmail: Added hint for possible problem with
          users .forward file              
        * src/scanmails/scanmails.in: bugfix: wrong check for tnef
          files avoided tnef encoding generate notification message if a
          virus scanner seems to be broken (i.e.  an automatic update failed)
          or report it via syslog              
	* configure.in: fixed a problem with tnef detection check
          for Sophos IDE directory look first for /etc/sav.conf        
	* FAQ, HINTS, NEWS, TODO: Updated     
        * doc/amavis.html (Christian Bricart): added even more notes about README.*
          files (marked with "FIXME")                                          
        * (Christian Bricart): AUTHORS, BUGS, FAQ, HINTS, INSTALL, NEWS,
          doc/amavis.html: added CVS tags                                 
        * Released 0.2.1
2000-09-23 Rainer Link 
	* README.scanners: Updated for Sophos sweep 3.37. Added update 
	  scripts provided by AMaViS users
          added section "return codes" (cut&paste out of scanmails.in)
	* README.exim: fixed some typos
        * README.sendmail: added example configuration for sendmail 8.11
	* README.reformime: Updated
	* README.postfix: Updated
        * doc/: amavis.html, amavis.txt: * updated (broken?) links so far *
          documentation does not actually match 0.2.1, yet * still on TODO:  
          - describe links provided   - add to "in the press"   - fix all
          that is still missing   - point to various README.*
        * doc/amavis.png: new logo in PNG format
        * doc/amavis.gif: replaced amavis.gif with amavis.png this image
          does no longer contain a version number
	* configure.in: bugfix: AvpDaemonTst was not detected by configure
	  configure stopps if the "file" binary is not installed
	  Added hint to read README.metamail/README.reformime
	  if neither metamail nor reformime is installed
	  added check if metamail 1.0 or below is used
        * src/scanmails/scanmails.in: improved detection for uuencoded
          mails (if send inline) 
	  moved information about return values for
          the used scanners (moved to README.scanners)
	  improved unpacking stuff a bit
	  extract uuencoded file(s) if send inline
	  improved handling of self-extracting files a bit 
	  improved handling of uuencoded files a bit 
	  check the return value of AvpDaemonClient for 4 and 5
	  fixed a minor issue with postfix
	  Added -i to sendmail relay and postfix when delivering back the 
	  eMail to avoid potential mail loss
	  improved postfix support
	* NEWS: updated
	* README: updated to release 0.2.1-pre3
	* Released 0.2.1-pre3

2000-07-30 Rainer Link 
	* configure.in: small cosmetic change (an asterisk was missing)
	  PKG_VERSION changed to 0.2.1-pre2 
	  PGK_REL_DATE changed to 2000-07-30
	* src/scanmails/scanmails.in: removed the comment sign before
	  "export SAV_IDE=@sophos_ide@ 
	  added -B -Y to AVP/Linux command line to skip boot sector test 
	  and to skip all dialogs
	* README.scanners: added hint how to avoid "log flooding" by
	* README: updated to release 0.2.1-pre2
	* NEWS: Updated
	* Released 0.2.1-pre2
2000-07-29 Rainer Link 
	* configure.in: fixed a severe bug: in most cased, if metamail was
	  used, the generated scanmails script uses the run-time switches for
	  reformime. So no splitting of mails could be done 
	  improved the dection if the binary sweep is really Sophos Sweep 
	  new flag --with-sophos-ide, which points to to the directory where Sophos
	  IDE files are installed (note: this currently has no function in
	  configure shows now, for which MTA AMaViS was configured
	  to avoid confusion if on a system two ore even more MTAs are
 	* src/scanmails/scanmails.in: the path to Sophos Sweep IDE files
 	  will be set now by configure. Currently this stuff is commented
	* INSTALL: Added configure flag --with-sophos-ide

2000-07-27 Rainer Link 
	* updated README.metamail
	* added README.reformime 
	* configure.in: give a warning, if reformime is used as
	  reformime 1.0 and below contains a severe bug. 
	* Makefile.am: added README.reformime to EXTRA_DIST
	* IMPORTANT: this is mainly a SECURITY release to fix problems 
	  with metamail and reformime. Again, please read README.metamail
	  and README.reformime! Please read http://amavis.org/asa-2000-1.txt 
	  and http://amavis.org/asa-2000-2.txt, too.
	* NOTE: due to security problems mentioned above, we released it quite
	  in a hury. So things *may* be broken, but it's rather unlikely.
 	* Released 0.2.1-pre1
2000-07-22 Rainer Link 
	* re-enabled zoo support
	* check, if tnef either supports -d or -x to extract a TNEF
	  encoded file to a specific directory as tnef from SuSE
	  uses -x 
	* configure.in: added a second warning, if metamail is used
	* configure.in: --with-maxlevel, specifies the maximum
	  deepth of recursive unpacking process (default is 20)
	* configure.in: --enable-virusbackup, specifies if an infected mail
	  is moved to the quarantine directory (default is yes)
	* Makefile.am: added README.metamail to EXTRA_DIST
	* added README.metamail
	* updated AUTHORS
2000-07-04 Rainer Link 
	* fixed a possible security hole with TNEF files (if AMaViS
	  is run as root)
	* disabled handling of zoo files for security reasons (no time
	  to write a zoo wraper like securezoo - any volunteers?)
	* metamail can not handle MIME multipart/alternative messages - 
	  I advise to use the tool reformime from the maildrop package instead 
	  (http://www.flounder.net/~mrsam/maildrop/) otherwise it *may* be
	  possible that some Internet worms (i.e. the KAKworm) is not detected
	  configure checks now for reformime first, this means if metamail
	  and reformime are installed, reformime is used 
	* configure yells now, if procmail is not installed but needed
	  (procmail is not always needed)
	* checkaccount should now be platform-independent
	* updated BUGS, README.sendmail and README.exim
	* NOTE: this version wasn't well tested, so stuff may be broken!
2000-06-19  Lars Hecking  

	* Makefile.am: Add README.exim, README.postfix, README.qmail,
	README.scanners, and README.sendmail to EXTRA_DIST.

	* src/Makefile.am: New distclean-local target to remove
	rspawnmsg/Makefile if present.

2000-06-12  Rainer Link 
	* logging to syslog is done now with the PID of the scanmails script
	  and not with the PID of logger (from Andreas Siegert)
	* specific to sendmail relay config: if $sender is empty, 
	  sendmail is called without -f
	* added support for postfix (NOT TESTED, based on a patch
	  from Stephan Mueller)
	* if virus was found/not found is now logged via syslog, too
	* updated README.sendmail: added solution, if newaliases yells
	  with an error
	* updated README.scanners, INSTALL and README
	* updated AUTHORS
2000-06-03  Rainer Link 
	* updated README files
	* updated INSTALL file (explains now all AMaViS specific
	  configure flags)
	* added support for TNEF files
	* bugfix: self-extracting files are now handled correctly
	* added support for CAI InoculateIT
	* new concept for scanning incoming, outgoing and relayed mail
	  with sendmail (--enable-relay)
2000-05-30  Lars Hecking  

	* Import all versions of amavis-0.2.0-pre6-* into the cvs repository
	at SourceForge.
	* Remove all non-distribution files.
	* configure.in: Add checks for sizeof unsigned short, int, long.
	* src/Makefile.am: Chnge SUBDIRS logic to fix 'make dist'.
	* src/zipsecure/zipsecure.c: Import latest version by Juergen Quade.
	Make it compile on Solaris.

2000-04-18 Rainer Link 
	* improved example config for scanning outgoing mails
	  in README.exim
	* if notification/virus report is send to admin,
	  sender and receiver(s) is now configurable
	* the command line options for the used scanners
	  are now configurable at the beginning of the scanmails
	* bugfix (qmail only): bounce messages get lost
	* bugfix in configure script (usingexim was set to "yes",
	  although only sendmail was installed)
	* some cleanup of configure script
	* assigned release name AMaViS-0.2.0-pre6-clm-rl-8
2000-03-29 Rainer Link 
	* bugfix: configure sets $eximdir not correctly
	* bugfix: header is now shown in the notification
	          message to sender
	* example config for scanning outgoing mails in
	* Thanks to John Burnham for his contribution and
	  bug report
	* assigned bug fix relase name AMaViS-0.2.0-pre6-clm-rl-7
2000-03-25 Rainer Link 
	* added support for MTA exim (see README.exim)
	  Note: the exim support is on a early stage
	* configure searches now for AvpDaemonClient and
	* assigned relase name AMaViS-0.2.0-pre6-clm-rl-6
2000-01-28 Chris Mason 
	* From Rainer Link:  added support for vfind
	* autoconf now bails if metamail not found
	* changed "file" command to be brief, prevents ways to avoid detection

1999-12-23 Chris Mason 
	* added autoconf check for qmail
	* simplified MTA checks
	* hacked scanmails script to work with qmail-local
	* fixed bug in scanning loop from previous version

1999-12-19 Chris Mason 
	* added fixes for filenames with spaces, quotes, etc.
	* assigned temporary release name of 0.2.0-pre6-clm-rl-3

1999-12-19 Chris Mason 
	* fixed x_headers under qmail
	* simplified local delivery
	* assigned temporary release name of 0.2.0-pre6-clm-rl-2

1999-12-19  Rainer Link 
	* bugfix of AVP call
	* added support for KasperskyLab AvpDaemon(Client),
	  F-Secure AntiVirus and Trend Micro FileScanner
	* assigned temporary release name of 0.2.0-pre6-clm-rl to differentiate

1999-12-17  Chris Mason 
	* a number of changes to increase qmail compatibility
	* add a small hacky program (rspawnmsg) to talk to qmail-rspawn
	* autoconf support for checking big-endian/little-endian
	* autoconf checks for grep quiet arguments
	* autoconf check to see if uudecode needs -p or -o
	* cleanup of automake files (had to remove "securetar" and "zipsecure"
		definitions as they were conflicting with automake names.  They
		will always be installed now.  See QMAIL automake conditional for
		other ways to change this behaviour.)
	* fixed many of the archiver options and added more error checking
	* changed loop logic to increase performance
	* assigned temporary release name of 0.2.0-pre6-clm to differentiate

1999-07-20	Christian Bricart 
	* changed: root exploit fix uses "sed", latest fix seems to run under
	           Bash2 only
	* fixed: misplaced "fi" to end an "if" caused mail loops
	* changed: default X-Header String
	* changed: syslog logging with PID (switch "-i")
	* Released 0.2.0-pre6

1999-07-17	Christian Bricart 
	* fixed possible exploit published on BugTraq 
	* fixed AC_PATH_PROGS(..) in configure.in
	* cosmetic changes 
	* Released 0.2.0-pre5

1999-05-19	Christian Bricart 
	* changed: NAI uvscan call in "scanmails"
	           now should work with both v3.x and v4.x engine
	* added: version detection of NAI uvscan in "configure". 
	* added: uvscan version dependend return code handling and command
	         line syntax in "scanmails"
	* added: perform a check for "metamail" before do anything 

1999-05-03	Christian Bricart 
	* changed: Path to "uvscan" in "scanmails" now trailing usual
	           comment block
1999-04-30	Christian Bricart 
	* added: AVP integration (have not been able to test it, yet)
		 (based on contribution from: TorstenEymann 
1999-04-09	Christian Bricart 
	* fixed: detection of correct Sophos sweep in 
		 configure.in (from Wouter Wolkers )

1999-04-06	Christian Bricart 
	* changed: return code detection of Spohos "sweep"

1999-04-01	Christian Bricart 
	* added: header rewriting with "formail" if installed (part of
	         the "procmail" package)
		 adding some "X-"headers
		 configurable with configure option: --enable-x-header=[YES|no]
	* fixed: Typo in detection of securetar in configure.in

1999-03-31	Christian Bricart 
	* fixed: (silly bug) "if [ -x ${prog} ]" always true when $prog=(empty)
		 check now for empty path first (thanks to Marcos Tadeu
		  for reporting this)
	* added: if there is no program for delivery, mail is dumped to
	* updated: FAQ
	* Released 0.2.0-pre4

1999-03-30	Christian Bricart 
	* fixed: bzip[2] detection still unfixed (reported by Marcos Tadeu
	          --> fixed now

1999-03-29	Christian Bricart 
	* added: Sophos Sweep scanner support
		 (untested contribution by Wouter Wolkers )
	* added: unattaching self-extracting .EXE files (PK, RAR, LHA)
		 ZOO archive handling
		 ARC archive handling
		 Freeze archive handling
		 (contributed by Stefan Dreyer )
	* fixed: There are some .exe files that have "begin 644" in them
		 and were probed as uuencoded attachments -> fixed 
		 (reported by Fabrice Prigent )
	* updated: doc/amavis.[html|txt]
	* removed: AMaViS-Mailer specification -> wasn't ready, yet
		   It's still in tarball, but not used. DO NOT USE IT!
	* Released 0.2.0-pre3
1999-03-11	Christian Bricart 
	* updated the src/sendmail/mailer/amavis.m4.in
1999-03-08	Christian Bricart 
	* added new "configure" options:
          --enable-logging=[yes/no]      =>  general logging enable
          --enable-syslog=[yes/no]       =>  logging via syslog
          --with-syslog-level=FAC.LVL    =>  facility & level in syslog
	  --with-logdir=DIRECTORY        =>  changes directory for logfile
	  --with-virusdir=DIRECTORY      =>  changes location of infected mails 
	  --with-mailto=[USER | EMAIL]   =>  person to mail reports to
        * added src/scanmails/checkaccount as an install-exec-hook
	  looks if mail account of --with-mailto=... exists, if not creates
	* some cleanup in "configure.in"
1999-03-05	Christian Bricart 
	* changed directory structure in tarball:
	  subdirectories are now in "src" 
	  changed: "Makefile.am"
	  added: "Makefile.am" in every subdirectory
	* added: acconfig.h
	* added: "src/sendmail/mailer/mailer.m4.in"
	         should install as new mailer macro for sendmail
		 (first steps done)
		 Automake sets "scanmails" install path in resulting
	* configure.in:
	  added: PKG_REL_DATE  (release date for use in sendmail's .mc-file)
	  added: MTA detection for sendmail and qmail
	  added: overview of configured options after "./configure"
	  deleted: old (already commented out) detection of sendmail
	           in favour of new detection
          deleted: obsolete (already commented out) "nobody" workaround
	  deleted: warning message after "./configure"
	  changed: checks from AC_PATH_PROG to AC_PATH_PROGS
	  changed: $(prefix) handling. everything is installed under
	           $(prefix)/[s]bin, except when configure detects
		   an former installation (securetar, zipsecure),
	  changed: AC_OUTPUT(...) to match new directories
	* src/scanmails/scanmails.in
	  changed: copyright notice (to 1996..99) ;-)
	* splitted FAQ and BUGS in two files. Left FAQ still empty
1999-02-26	Christian Bricart 
	* new versions of /etc/macic report bzip2 compressed
	  files as "bzip2 compressed data" not "bzip compressed"
	  --> fixed
1999-02-25	Christian Bricart 
	* released 0.2.0-pre2
	* fixed possible loops while uncomressing archives
	* zipsecure and securetar as ${prefix}/bin/.. not /usr/bin
	* added hyphen in front of 'pre' in name of tarball 
	  (now conform to GNU package naming scheme)
1998-12-08	Christian Bricart 
	* released 0.2.0pre1 due to multiple requests
	* added multiple "dnl" in configure.in for
	  PRE-release. Actually "make install" does
	  not work
	* updated TODO
	* added BUGS

1998-12-07	Christian Bricart 
	* fixed problem with gziped attachments not named .gz

1998-16-11	Christian Bricart 
	* fixed possible recursive loop in find command line (thanks
	  to Ico Doornekamp  for reporting this bug)

1998-08-19	Christian Bricart 
	* added unARJ & LHArc support (thanks to 
	  Maik Voege  for contribution)

1998-08-03	Christian Bricart 
	* "configure" now again creates new sendmail.cf for later install
1998-07-30	Christian Bricart 
	* configuration changed to GNU autoconfig
	* divided package into subdirectories
	* "securetar" & "zipsecure" part of distribution
	* removed "su"-workaround in favour of "securetar" & "zipsecure",
	  didn't work in newer (>8.8.5) sendmails anyway as scripts 
	  invoked are now executed under UID of recipient who may not
	  change UID to "nobody" without supplying valid password
	* H+BEDV AntiVir/X support added, exit-status stored in $scanstatus0
	* $virusmailsdir changed to "/root/mailvirus"
	* added: feature syslogd support to proority "mail.info"
	* added: missing tools (tar, unzip, unrar .. ) are now
	         reported to logfile (idea: should be reported to syslog too)
	* added: .bz2 (b[un]zip2) compression handling
	* added: .rar (RAR) compression handling (as proposed in 0.1.x)
	* added: final changedir to /var/tmp before cleaning up
	* changed: $tmpdir to "/var/tmp/${scanscriptname}$$"
	* changed: $progname into $scanscriptname="scanmails"

1998-05-10	Chistian Bricart 
	* changed home-URL to http://www.aachalon.de/AMaViS/
1998-03-08	Juergen Quade 
	* zipsecure: first release (no version)

1998-01-31	Juergen Quade 
	* securetar: released 1.3

1998-01-29	Christian Bricart 
	* added: chown of ${tmpdir}/unpacked to "nobody" 
	         (bug report from Mogens Kjaer)
	* fixed: spelling bug of ${tmpdir} (was: ${tempdir} )
1998-01-28	Christian Bricart 
	* released AMaViS 0.1.1
	* untar and unzip is now done by user "nobody" (security fix)
	* ${virusmaildir} (default: /root/virus) is now craeted if not exists
	* logfile is now REALLY created in specified log-directory

1998-01-17	Christian Bricart 
	* released AMaViS 0.1.0
	* first release to public
	* assigned a package name "AMaViS - A Mail Virus Scanner"
	* package maintenance assigned to Christian Bricart with
	  official email adress amavis@aachalon.de and official Website
	  at http://satan.oih.rwth-aachen.de/AMaViS
	* minor recoding of scanmails
	* installation enhancements (install.sh)

<=1997		Juergen Quade 
	* modifications to scanmails
	* support of McAffee's "uvscan"
		Mogens Kjaer 
	* original code
	* support of DrSolomon's Antivirus-Kit for SCO