MP3 Rip Kit for Linux

The MP3 Rip Kit for Linux is a hyperthreading audio rip and encoding tool to mp3 format. It makes use of a Makefile. If you have 2 processors and/or hyperthreading CPU support, GNU make offers the option -j 4 to start 4 lame encoding threads simultaniously. cdrdao can be patched to use the online CDDB audio cd database to create title songs. mp3 files names are created from the CDDB TITLE records. Patched versions of cdrdao can be downloaded. The multithreaded lame mp3 encoding as of version 1.0.4 has been expanded with ID3 tag options, so that most popular mp3 players and software display full details about title, artist and album.

So how does this work? configure your CDROM reader correctly for cdrdao inside /usr/share/cdrdao/drivers. Figure out which device is used for your CDROM reader. For ATAPI CDROM drives :

	primary/master   ( /dev/hda ): DEVICE = ATA:0,0,0
	primary/slave    ( /dev/hdb ): DEVICE = ATA:0,1,0
	secondary/master ( /dev/hdc ): DEVICE = ATA:1,0,0
	secondary/slave  ( /dev/hdd ): DEVICE = ATA:1,1,0
Select a basename for your audio album :
	BASE = urbansolitude
Adjust these two values (DEVICE and BASE) inside the Makefile, and next start the full-automatic ripping of your audio cd :

	# ./

The MP3 Rip Kit is licensed under the GNU Public License (GPL). See the Changelog for whats included.

HTTP downloads of MP3 Rip Kit for Linux

FTP downloads of MP3 Rip Kit for Linux

  • MP3 Rip Kit (Makefile and scripts using lame, cdda2wav and cdrdao)
  • cdrdao (patched versions of cdrdao with a working read-cddb command)
A typical directory contents after running the mp3 rip kit looks like this :

[joe@tinker anouk]$ ls
01 - In The Sand.mp3     08 - The Dark.mp3
02 - Don't.mp3           09 - My Best Wasn't Good Enough.mp3
03 - R U Kiddin' Me.mp3  10 - It Wasn't Me.mp3
04 - Tom Waits.mp3       11 - Cry.mp3
05 - Urban Solitude.mp3  12 - Body Brain.mp3
06 - U Being U.mp3       13 - My Friend.mp3
07 - Michel.mp3          urbansolitude.tocfile
[joe@tinker anouk]$