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OSS DVD Extensions and k3b

OSS DVD Extensions and k3b

OSS DVD Extensions works perfectly together with k3b, the magnificent 
swiss army knife burning tool for KDE/Linux. With the recent release of 
k3b 1.0.3 a new era on the Linux desktop has emerged, as this k3b 
version makes all these rip/shrink/edit tools on the Microsoft Windows 
[tm] platform redundant. That is if the DVD recordable is large enough 
to store the ripped decrypted iso. In fact k3b has gained the same 
functionality as DVD Decrypter, which as many know, has been banned
for download.

K3b 1.0.3 capabilities

K3b 1.0.3 Copying a Video DVD

K3b 1.0.3 Creating a Decrypted DVD iso

Verifying the Decrypted DVD iso with DVD Decrypter

As the dual-layer burning capabilities of growisofs from 
dvd+rw-tools-7.0 meetup to the standard of closing the DVD+R DL disc 
with a virtual DVD-ROM emulation, enabling playback in all DVD players 
ever sold, k3b 1.0.3 has become a perfect tool for backing up and 
copying any DVD9 disc (encrypted or not).

Requirements/Recipy of building k3b-1.0.3-3mdk.src.rpm on Mandrake 10.1 i586/x86_64: urpmi libcdda-devel urpmi libflac++-devel urpmi id3lib-devel urpmi MesaGLU-devel urpmi libdvdread urpmi libdvdread3 urpmi libdvdread-utils urpmi lib64dvdread3-devel urpmi lib64dvdnav4-devel urpmi lib64dbus-1_0-devel urpmi lib64dbus-glib-1_0-0.22-3mdk urpmi lib64dbus-qt-1_0-0.22-3mdk urpmi taglib urpmi taglib-devel urpmi ffmpeg urpmi ffmpeg-devel rpm --rebuild rpm --rebuild dvd+rw-tools-7.0-2mdk.src.rpm rpm --rebuild lame-3.97-3mdk.src.rpm rpm --rebuild k3b-1.0.3-3mdk.src.rpm